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EY is hiring  Business Intelligence Developers: 2-5 years

This is a permanent role directly under EY’s payroll.
Relevant Experience Criteria: 2-5 Years (Power BI)
Interested candidates please share resume and details on



•Drive the development and analysis of data, reporting automation, Dashboard preparation, and implement business intelligence needs.
•Understand the reporting requirement from end user.
•Discuss and align on the KPIs and provide suitable dashboard designs and approach.
• Develop the BI/Paginates reports using PBI and seek sign off.
• Publishing the reports/dashboards for wider teams to access it.
• Provide guidance/suggestions on best practices & technical challenges related to development, deployment, and technical architecture.
• Knowledge management by maintaining repository of plans, processes, work stream reports.
• Be creative in telling beautiful and yet meaningful stories, which helps clients in decision making.
• Manage a repository of re-usable data visualization templates and views.
• Continuously explore, identify and innovate in data visualization domain to provide a richer user experience and visualization to our customers.
• Ability to manage high volume and high complexity projects across multiple delivery locations or in virtual environment with excellent client communication skills.
• Highly competent (technically) with significant, hands-on expertise in technical architecture and delivery of data visualization and advanced analytics solution.


• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer/data science technical or related fields.
• Must have varied levels of experience & expertise with multiple enterprise BI tech such as: Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, etc.
• Ability to write advanced DAX queries or use complex measures to achieve the goal.
• Architecture, design, implementation, and/or support of complex application architectures (i.e. having an architectural sense for connecting data sources to backend systems such as Snowflake, SAP, SQL, etc.)
• Design of Visualization Prototypes/Wireframes.
• Experience in Power View, PowerPivot and Power Maps.
• Preferable: Experience with Power BI Report Builder.
• Experience in team management with eloquent communication and presentation skills.

 Technology Stack:

• Mandatory (one or more of): SQL, Data Visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, etc.

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